What Are the Best Hiking Boots to Buy?

What is the best hiking shoe?

Hiking mountain trails and splashing around through puddles is a worthwhile experience when you have the ideal hiking footwear on. Good quality hiking shoes should be able to live through dusty and dry trails and vice versa for the other extremes.

The most promising way to evaluate the perfect boots for hiking is to put them to the test on short trails and hikes – then you would get to see the big picture. We will compare some of hiking footwear with respect to their durability, water resistance, versatility, traction, comfort, weight and support.

The basic purpose of this guide is to give you an idea about the different types of footwear so that you are able to make the best pick, suit your needs.

If you love hiking then the ideal pair of boots would truly prove to be an asset for you. The following are high quality footwear that you would surely want to own. Calling them good boots would be an understatement, as these can truly be classified as great shoes.

Patagonia Drifter A/C GORE-TEX

Patagonia Drifter AC GORE-TEXThis hiking footwear offers a minimal break-in and they are very comfortable without a shadow of a doubt. These shoes also provide a great all-round traction and support. They are appropriate for light backpacking, day hiking and fast hiking.

The only problem with these shoes is that they are a bit heavy. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, so you should not be hesitant to go for these shoes.

Keen Targhee 2

Keen Targhee 2Are top rated hiking boots. They give you additional toe protection. They have a secure lacing and are quite comfortable as well. These boots are also perfect for day hiking.

The only issue with these is that you might find them a bit heavy for really narrow feet. They are quite affordable as well, so you should not miss out on them.

The North Face Ultra 109 GTX

The North Face Ultra 109 GTXOffer an excellent torsional stability and have a perfect toe profile. These shoes are perfect for running as well.

The only small issue is the durability, but you get so many incentives that this issue can be ignored.

These boots will go well for fast hiking and day hiking, and are defintely a wise bargain.

Adidas Outdoor AX 2 hiking shoes

Adidas Outdoor AX 2 hiking Can also be categorized amongst the best hiking shoes in the world. The biggest quality about these boots is that they are lightweight.

They have this flawless EVA cushioning. The enhanced grip will also contribute to your ease.

These are the best low cut hiking shoes. However, a little working on the durability of these shoes would surely help a lot and add to the value of these boots.

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator hiking shoes

Merrell Mens Moab Ventilator hiking shoesAre traditional hiking shoe. However, they are a popular pick. No wonder these are amongst the best rated hiking shoes. They have breathable mesh and offer durable support. The awesome color variety would facilitate you with a lot of choice.

The cushion heel prevents the shock. The M-Select facilitates the odor prevention. However, improvement can be made in traction.

Vasque Men’s Juxt Multisport Shoe

Vasque Mens Juxt Multisport ShoeCategorized amongst stylish hiking shoes. The peat and the aluminum color varieties both look really cool and highly fashionable. They are innovative footwear and prepared to the highest of standards.

These boots get full marks when it comes to the comfort factor and you would not have any to minimal complaints. The manufacturers need to invest some effort in bringing some more finesse in small details.

Columbia Men’s North Plains Trail Shoes

Columbia Mens North Plains Trail ShoesClassified as good hiking shoes. These boots offer a great traction and are very comfortable as well.

The boots are definitely well constructed so this gives you an evident reason to go for them. These shoes serve as good walking boots as well.

If the manufacturers invest more effort on the durability this boot can then be categorized amongst the best hiking shoe.

Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid

Lowa Mens Renegade GTX MidThese shoes have also gained a lot of fame because of their quality. These shoes are made up of textile and leather. These are a suitable for all those who want to settle in for lightweight footwear only. The added advantage is the climate control foot-bed. These boots need minimal break-in. However, they may require some additional waterproofing.

The above mentioned are great hiking shoes. You should keep these into consideration when you are making your purchase.

What are the best budget hiking boots?

You cannot always afford to buy the most expensive shoes, so budget is a big factor that affects your decision and purchase. The good news is that there are loads of good cheap shoes. The ideal part is that the shoes that I am about to list down are not so expensive and are still of great quality.

Just make your pick from the perfect budget hiking boots listed below and all these pair of boots are easily available on amazon.com. Now you can bid farewell to high end footwear and still get the finest.

Asque St. Elias GTX

Asque St. Elias GTXThe best affordable hiking boots. You can easily find them in a range of $152- $190. These boots have all the qualities that you might require. The main aspect is the comfort. You would find these boots to be a real treat for your feet. If you want to go ahead with long day hikes these boots will not let you down at all. You would not be having issues with fitting as well because these shoes are available in both wide and narrow varieties.

You would get in the perfect ankle support with these boots and they are very stable as well. You might encounter a few durability issues with these boots, but you can compromise on this aspect keeping into consideration the benefits that you would get.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX

Salomon Quest 4D GTXPrice range between $172- $230. These shoes also fall in the category of best affordable hiking footwear. These boots would offer you the perfect stability and support. You can easily move fast in these boots and this would not be an issue for you at all.

These boots would not work really well with casual hiking, but again the qualities of these boots make them a worthy pick for sure. These boots would be great for snowy spring trails and muddy trails.

Keen Targhee II Mid

Keen Targhee II MidTops the list of best affordable hiking footwear. You can easily get these boots in a range of $130-$135. You get all the qualities that might exist in the most expensive shoes. You would be able to enjoy comfort, extra toe protection, traction and secure lacing.

The lace eyes do tend to wear out, but the qualities of these shoes are truly overpowering. These pair of boots are ideal for casual wear and day hiking.

Merrell Moab Ventilator

Merrell Moab VentilatorFalls in the category of the finest inexpensive footwear. Well you can easily get these boots for about $72. These shoes are perfect for light hiking and are best low hiking shoes. However, you get a high level of comfort and breath ability with these shoes. This is surely the perfect package that can come your way.

These boots have a solid construction, so you should not have any doubts about their perfection. The finishing of the boots need a bit of improvement, but with so many qualities this minor aspect can be compromised upon.

L. L. Bean Trail Model Hikers

L. Bean Trail Model HikersStarts from a range of about $90. These are surely the perfect value footwear. These shoes are affordable, yet you would find them to be quite durable.

These shoes are breathable and waterproof as well, and this is another factor that should attract you to these boots.

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Gore-Tex Hiker

Timberland Mens Chocorua Gore-Tex HikerCategorized amongst the first rate cheap hiking footwear. These shoes are made up of high quality leather despite being reasonably priced. You can get easily get these boots within a range of $91.99-$129.99. The perfect thing about these shoes is that they inhibit odor as well with the help of antimicrobial foot bed and they have a waterproof EVA midsole.

The only small issue with these boots is that they need a bit of improvement in the overall design. However, the price factor makes these boots a great choice without a doubt.

Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude IV Hiking Boots

Hi-Tec Mens Altitude IV Hiking BootsA great selection as well. They can be classified as the finest day boots. Their key qualities include the comfort factor and the waterproof construction. They are a definitely a smart pick for hikers who are not willing to spend a very large amount.

You can easily get these boots within a range of $64.54- $104.99. The manufacturers need to invest more effort in making these boots a lot more durable.

Maelstrom® TAC FORCE 8”

Maelstrom TAC FORCE 8Tactical Police Duty Military Boots with zipper are quite budget friendly footwear as well. They have a price range of $54.99- $64.99. You can get these boots in two colors – black and tan. The awesome part is that these are all leather boots so durability is guaranteed.

The cushion insert can easily be removed as well and the leather is water resistant. Significant working is required on the overall look of these boots.

What are the best suede/leather hiking boots?

The material of the boots also makes in a lot of difference when you are making your purchase. The material of such shoes will impact the weight and most of you are now interested in opting for lightweight boots. When you go in for all leather boots they give you this added protection and durability as well.

Most people prefer suede footwear as well due to the durability factor. Earlier we categorized the finest hiking footwear with respect to popularity and budget.


You surely want to get the best hiking boots for the money you are spending. If you want to strike a smart bargain then you should be well aware of the available varieties so that you can get your hands on the most ideal option available.

The following are some of the most popular picks.

  • Patagonia Men’s Drifter AC GTX Waterproof Hiking Boot is made up of the finest leather varieties. The price of these boots lies between $115.99-$165 and they are easily available on amazon.com. These boots are breathable and offer the perfect cushioning. When you go in for this option you would be able to get added comfort as well. You can get these boots in three interesting varieties – sable brown, forge grey and bungee cord. Significant improvement is required in traction for better results.
  • New Balance Men’s MO689 Multisport Hiking Shoe is a good choice as well. These shoes are made up of textile and leather. The awesome part is that they are quite affordable and you can get them within a range of $48.98- $64.99. These boots can easily be purchased from amazon.com. Fitting would not be an issue when you are buying this perfect pair of boots and they give in the extra cushioning and comfort as well. A little working on the overall finishing would surely help.
  • Columbia Men’s North Plains Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot are a combination of suede, textile and leather. These are mid-height shoes and stabilize your foot and ankle as well. These boots range from $72-$100 and you can easily purchase from amazon.com. They are breathable and waterproof and this should be a convincing reason for you to opt for these boots right away. The only small flaw that these boots have is that they are bit narrow. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages.
  • TPS 535 by Asolo have a complete leather construction and can be classified as the finest leather boots. These boots cost about $235 and you can easily get them from http://www.asolo-usa.com. These boots provide the perfect traction and go well for day hiking. However, you would need to apply a waterproofing agent to the boots as they do not have a waterproof liner.
  • Salomon Quest 4D is great hiking footwear and is made up of suede leather. These boots have all the qualities you need and that includes comfort and support. You can easily find salomon quest 4d gtx best price at Amazon. You can find these boots within a range of $188.69- $230.

A Guideline to Choosing the Perfect Hiking Boot – Hiking Boots Reviews

The hiking shoes reviews truly make a lot of difference. When you read the reviews of this type of footwear that gives you a clear idea about them and whether they would be appropriate for you or not. When you purchase a pair of shoes after going through the hiking boot ratings then you would be more clear in your decision and this will make your choices easier as well.

Let us go step by step so that you can end up picking the right item. We will first define the criteria for excellence so let us answer the question, How to choose the best hiking footwear?

  • The first aspect to keep into consideration is your hiking ambition. For example, let us say that you are planning day hikes. This means that you would not be requiring heavy backpacking boots so you should not be buying such boots in the first place.
  • Fitting of the boots is another essential factor. If your boots do not fit you perfectly then you are in for trouble. Comfort and perfect fit go together. You have to make sure that the hiking footwear you are buying should be comfortable as well. Remember if your hiking shoes are too tight you can end up developing blisters.
  • Now if you are willing to spend a considerable amount on your hiking footwear then they need to be durable as well. This is yet another key factor that cannot be ignored at all.
  • Hiking can turn out to be dangerous business if you do not have the boots that offer you a stable support. Your shoes need to have this quality as well.
  • The perfect hiking footwear should be able to provide water resistance and warmth as well, when required.

Remember features and appearance of the boots do matter, but the above mentioned criteria should be your priority. Now the second most important factor is the place from where you are making a purchase. Amazon.com is globally recognized source, so it would be a smart idea to make your purchase from there. The advantage that you get is that you can easily figure out the hiking shoe ratings.

You can simply read the reviews of the top rated boots and then you can compare them. This comparison would help you reach a conclusive decision. You should go through the pros and cons of the particular footwear.

Obviously if the number of positive reviews are more this makes one fact quite evident and that is the chosen hiking boot enjoys popularity amongst the clientele, and would therefore be a smart purchase. Now let us look at some of the most highly rated hiking footwear on Amazon.

  • Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe have about 1,163 customer reviews on Amazon. This clarifies that these shoes have a lot of attraction for the customers. When you go through this hiking shoe review you would see that they enjoy a rating of 4.5/5 and that is a good figure rating. These shoes are available in a large variety of colors. You can opt for Gunsmoke, Midnight, Taupe, Real Tree Xtra/Camo, Dark Earth, Fudge, Mossy Oak Blades, Mossy Oak Infinity, Brown and Grey – so you can choose the color that you like the most. These shoes are made up of all great quality leather so this means they are durable as well. M Select FRESH ensures the odor protection. The air cushion heels add the aspect of stability. Durable traction is provided by M Select GRIP. However, a slight improvement in the overall finishing would truly help.
  • Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot is also amongst the top rated boots on Amazon. These boots have a total of 1,345 customer reviews and this puts a stamp on the popularity of these boots. They have been able to acquire a rating of 4.4/5. These boots have a synthetic and leather combination. They offer a cushioned EVA footbed and provide efficient waterproofing as well. The multi-direction lugs facilitate the traction. They are quite affordable as well and perfect if you are looking in for some weekend adventures.

This small list will give you an idea what perfect hiking footwear are all about. Make sure that you analyze the hiking boot review quite well before your purchase. The reviews hold in a lot of significance for those items that you would not be buying on a very frequent basis, so you have to get your hands on the ideal item the first time. You also need to evaluate the cons.

For example, if they are minor issues they can be overlooked, but this cannot be the case for serious construction issues. Secondly the perfect incentive that you can get with online shopping is that you can easily perform the comparative study. If you want to be really precise with your selection of hiking shoes then I have a small tip for you. Write down your requirements on a small piece of paper.


When you have selected the boots map the requirements with what the shoe offers and you will get the answer to your question. Buy your favorite hiking footwear today with the assistance of best hiking shoe reviews.

Even if you have little experience at buying hiking footwear going through the highest rated hiking boots reviews will reveal the best option to you. Believe me footwear ratings will reveal the truth.