What Are the Best Hiking Boots for Women?

There are a lot of women right now who are searching for the right boots to use for hiking. Some people may think that finding the right boots can be an easy task, but it is actually the other way around. So many things would have to be considered when buying a hiking boot, such as the comfort that the boots can give, style, and is it something that can be used for a long period of time?

Female shoppers are usually more concerned about the style of the boot. They would like to make sure that they find stylish hiking boots women, something that will still flatter their clothes and at the same time will keep them comfortable while walking.

ComfortWhen it comes to comfort, the shoes will have to fit well. It is wise for a woman checking out various hiking boots, to have them professionally fitted and then try to walk around in the boots a bit.
Hiking AmbitionsA woman should consider what type of hiking boots are needed. Will they be used for a whole day walking, or only for a short period of time? There are different boots made for different hiking ambitions and purposes.
WeightThere are some women who are unable to go on walking any further because they feel that their boots are weighing them down. It will help to choose boots made out of lightweight materials.

Do remember that the best hiking boots for women will differ from one shopper to another. There are some shoppers who are also into choosing boots that are not that lightweight because they believe that choosing heavier boots will help them keep their balance while going through rough terrain and uneven trails.

You need the right shoes

There are many different types of hiking shoes that people can check out. Here are just some of them:

Lightweight Boots

These are most commonly used for hiking on trails that are already well maintained. This means that the trail is considered better than most hiking trails that are available. These types of boots will be able to provide good traction, but will not be able to give enough support.

Heavyweight Boots

These are also known as backpacker boots. They are the most common boots used when women are going through very hard trails or under perilous weather conditions.

Mid-cut Boots

There are some people who do not particularly like this type of boot, namely because it might be painful in the beginning. However, after breaking them in, people will usually feel more comfortable using them. The boots are usually mid length and will provide the support that people need when hiking.

Knowing these things will help people choose the best hiking footwear for women.

What Are the Most Comfortable Hiking Boots for Women?

Finding the most comfortable boots for hiking that a woman can use can be a bit complicated especially if women do not know in particular what they should look for. Here are just some of the things that people can consider in order to find the most comfortable boots:

  • Consider Shape of Feet – There are some women who have slim feet, while others have wide feet. Some hiking shoes are made particularly for women who have slim feet, whilst the shape of other boots will be meant better for women with wider feet. Trying to fit wide feet into slim boots would be uncomfortable, not to mention painful when blisters start to come out. It will also be uncomfortable for women with slim feet to try out widely shaped boots because the fit will not be perfect.
  • Consider Ankles – Same with feet, there are also some women who have bigger or smaller ankles than the rest. Different brands and manufacturers may have similar styles, but the measurements will always be different. Checking out and trying out the boots will help a lot.
  • Consider Fit – Once your feet are inside the boots for hiking, you should not be able to move around or slide around with enough room. It should stay fit and in position otherwise, this would indicate that the boots are too loose. It should also not pinch around the sides because this would indicate that the boots are too tight.

Do remember that when choosing the right hiking footwear, people are recommended to wear socks while trying them on, because if the boots do not fit well with socks, it is probably too tight or just plain uncomfortable.

hiking is great exercise

Trying out shoes in the morning will not work that well either since people’s feet are usually smaller in the morning than in the evening. When boots fit well in the evening when the feet have already swelled, this means that that boots will still be comfortable at any time of the day.

Top Hiking Boots for Women

Still having trouble searching for the right boots to use? Here are the top 10 boots that people can check out:

  1. KEEN Womens Targhee II Waterproof Trail ShoeKeen Women’s Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Footwear – The fact that it is waterproof already makes it a must buy for a lot of women who love hiking. It also doesn’t not hurt that they look great too. Even though these boots are waterproof, it still enables the feet to breathe. It gives comfort and protection from all possible weather conditions. Check out our review here.
  2. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Footwear – For women wanting to make sure that they will never slip while going through muddy and rocky terrain. These are the ideal boots to use. The mid cut makes it stylish, yet comfortable.
  3. Merell Women’s Siren Sports 2 Hiking Shoe – Light, comfortable and breathable. These are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe these hiking shoes. This may be the best shoes to use for light trails to keep women feeling light all throughout the hike.
  4. Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoe – This mid cut shoe is lightweight and can be used for hiking on trails. It is known to have good cushion to keep the feet protected and comfortable at the same time. The fit of this shoe is specifically made for women.
  5. Ahnu Women’s Montara Boot – This is known to be the boot that can fit perfectly, even if purchased online. It comes in a large range of colors that can make it very easy for women to feel stylish even though they are hiking. These are the right boots to purchase if women would like to keep their balance and stay stable while walking.
  6. Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Footwear – This is ideal for day hikes and weekend trips, as this type of boot can be used in almost any type of trail. The fact that it is very versatile makes it the choice of a lot of women.
  7. Palladium Womens Baggy Canvas BootPalladium Women’s Baggy Canvas Boot – Made with 100% cotton, this boots usually gives a casual and relaxed feel. It is very much different from the structured boots used for hiking. They can be worn in different ways which makes it more stylish than the other boots that are available.
  8. Ariat Women’s Terrain Lite Hiker – Active feet need not worry when used with this product because it can be brought almost everywhere. Climb up those rocky terrains while still enabling the feet to stay comfortable at all times. They contain moisture wicking linings, and this will surely keep the feet feeling extraordinarily comfortable.
  9. Northside Women’s Pioneer Hiking Footwear – It does not matter whether the user is very active or not, this can be used for all of women’s hiking needs. They come in different colors that are flattering.
  10. Columbia Women’s Helvatia Vent Trail Running Shoes – One of the best hiking shoes to use according to the various women’s hiking boots review. The quality of the materials used to make this shoe is apparent the moment that it is worn. They can be used for hiking on different trails, and can make hiking a truly fun experience.

The shoes mentioned above will be the best brands and models to choose from when searching for the right boots. Remember to check out women’s hiking boots review ahead of time before fitting the various brands at your local department store.

Checking those reviews before purchasing online can also help.