Columbia Men’s North Plains Trail Shoe Review

Columbia Men’s North Plains Trail Shoes are great for sportswear or outdoor activities. They are available in a variety of colors. You can opt for Verdant/Cordovan, Stout/Yellow Curry, Charcoal/Cedar and Coal/Sail Red. All these colors look equally amazing, and they are available in a large array of sizes.

Is this shoe better than the Columbia Hiking Boots?

These men’s boots are made a combination of materials, including suede, leather and textile. This footwear has a techlite midsole and rubber sole, and also has this wonderful Thermoplastic PU Cage that provides excellent support.

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The Pros

Comfort factor counts a lot when you are buying shoes. The best thing about these boots is that they are very comfortable.
Columbia Men's North Plains Trail Shoe
Thus this makes it easier for you to wear these boots during your hiking activities or general sports activities. Another major plus point is that these shoes are durable and will last for a long time.

It is very difficult to walk around in heavy shoes, but an added advantage is that you would find these shoes to be very light.

They provide a great traction as well. The best part is that these boots are breathable and your feet would remain dry, even if you have been wearing the shoes for a long time.

Now the cost factor counts a lot when you are buying your hiking shoes. The good news is that these shoes are very affordable and you can easily get them within a range of $62.27-$108 on Amazon.

This therefore makes these boots an excellent pick. The affordability factor makes these boots your first choice without a doubt.

The fitting of these boots is excellent, so there will be no problems with that. The shoes are also quite practical and the overall design also looks decent and sophisticated. Columbia Men’s North Plains Trail Shoe look smart and trendy at the same time, so they are bound to attract your attention for sure.

The Cons

The shoes could do better if a slight improvement is brought in the overall finesse and the overall construction of the shoes. For example, the shoe laces are a bit loose and they have to be knotted twice.


Columbia Men's North Plains Trail Top

Get hold of these wonderful shoes, as they should not missed out on. When you will read the online reviews about these shoes then you would definitely be convinced that they are the best pick that can come your way.

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