Extreme Cold Weather Boots

Having the right kind of work boots for winter is the most basic step you can take to ensure that you are comfortable and efficient at work when it starts to snow. Your steel toe winter boots will keep you safe from injury due to exposure, provided that you carefully assess them for the right features before purchase.

First of all, you will have to ascertain that your cold weather work boots keep your feet snug and warm in harsh winter weather – this means going deeper than just believing the claim of the manufacturer about these being the ‘warmest boots’ on the market. See if the shoe comes with an insulated lining and an insole and whether the manufacturer has provided any temperature rating.

Extreme Cold Weather BootsIt will be even better if the shoe is made out of breathable materials since this will prevent the moisture from building up – naturally, a pair of decent waterproof, insulated work boots will prevent moisture from getting inside in most cases, but nothing guarantees 100% waterproofing.

No matter how tough a pair of 1000 gram insulated work boots are touted to be, make sure that they are waterproofed through and through – this means the tongue and cuff in addition to the upper and the sole.

Hardened snow in winter can lead to problems with traction, so make sure that the pair you choose come with heel brakes, deep lugs, and a high-quality rubber sole. Lastly, you should also keep an eye out for comfort features such as padding, insoles, lacing, ankle support and pronation control. Remember that the lighter your work boot (after it has the above features, of course) the better it will perform at work.

As an example, here is an excellent choice for winter work shoes:

Baffin Men’s Impact Snow BlackBaffin Mens Impact Snow Black

The Baffin Impact series has always been the pride of the Baffin fleet when it comes to harsh weather protection, and after we saw the formidable features of this particular model, we wholeheartedly agreed. These are one of the best insulated waterproof work boots available right now, featuring a temperature insulation threshold of -148 Fahrenheit degrees!

Although waterproof leather boots are the most commonly worn variety, these shoes have uppers made out of special Diamond-Lite ripstop nylon to provide enhanced durability in the biting cold. Even their buckles are tested against cold and resistant to cracking.

The uppers are also treated to repel water and reduce staining. These warm work boots feature a rubber base made out of the compound that is engineered to remain pliable without cracking in the harshest of winters. It is apt that these shoes are part of what is called the Polar Series!

At the heart of the winter protection, however, is the multi layer foam based removable inner boot. Not only does the cold weather work bootsfoam act as an excellent insulator, but it also enhances the fitting of the shoe compared to conventional materials.

The inner also contains multiple thermal and moisture wicking layers which retain heat and regulate moisture. The inner boot keeps the boots’ overall profile and a width narrower in addition to bringing down the weight, so you’ve got durable, weatherproof, comfortable all day protection!

As our verdict, we’ll say that these boots hold up to the claim of being one of the best-insulated work boots for winter use. If water proofing is your primary concern, then you may want to look elsewhere since, in spite of having adequate waterproofing, they aren’t the best waterproof work boots available.

Also, remember that these NOT winter steel toe boots if you’re looking for something to protect you at a construction / industrial site.