Maelstrom® TAC FORCE 8” Tactical Police Duty Military Boots Review

The Maelstrom® TAC FORCE 8” are military boots that are specially designed for tactical and police duty officers. These people perform tasks that require special attention to physical capabilities.

The boots are sturdy enough to last through years of heavy wear. The design is appropriate for professionals who endure the harshest elements, from thick muddy grounds to harsh jungle environments.

Maelstrom® TAC FORCE 8” Tactical Police Duty Military Boots ReviewThe fact is that not all boots are ideal for heavy running and walking. There are some boots that are made just to resist cracks, scratches and other issues. As you shop for shoes, compare the pros and cons of these boots if you want the best pair for your particular or specific activities.

The Pros

Leather is the most important quality of the Maelstrom TAC FORCE boots. This material is resistant to water that can settle into the interior and cause damage. There is also the nylon upper with a liner that wicks moisture.

The moisture-wicking part is designed to draw sweat to the exterior so that the drops roll off easily. The boots stay dry and resilient, even as the wearers trudge through soggy mud or deep puddles.

Maelstrom boots are easy to put on and remove due to the ties at the front and the zipper on the side. Just as important as the top of the boots are the bottoms. The outsole is made of a rubber that resists oil and slippage.

Despite its sturdiness, find gentle comfort with the padded tongue and collar. Choose either a tan or black pair that includes a one year warranty.

The Cons

Some Maelstrom boot wearers have complained about discomfort caused by the wrong size. It is important that you measure your own feet carefully and choose the right size.

Some people claim that they fit into different sizes when they wear different brands. In some cases, the side zipper is not good enough to loosen the tightness.

Make sure you eliminate the discomfort of having toes that constantly stub the front of the shoes.

When that happens, the shoes make it difficult to walk and run. Also, some people claim that the stitching is poorly made and comes out easily.

In some pairs, water gets into the boot too easily and makes the feet wet.


Even people who are not police officers or military soldiers, such as students and construction workers, can still find the right benefits. Overall, the Maelstrom TAC boots are specially made to help you get the job done.

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