What are the Most Comfortable Men’s Nursing Shoes?

The majority of the nursing shoes available on the market are for women, nurse shoes tend to be designed more with women in mind. This is because there are more female nurses than male nurses. Therefore the market for men’s nurse shoes is smaller.

Men’s Nursing ShoesIt can be tough to find the right shoes for male nurses. This means that a lot of you out there, end up suffering from uncomfortable and impractical shoes. There is less choice, meaning that finding a comfortable, practical and appropriate shoe for you can seem impossible at times.

Finding the comfortable nurse shoes is like discovering the Holy Grail. Once you have hit upon the most comfortable nurse shoes, you will wonder why you were suffering like you were before.

Spending the majority of your time on your feet and on the move, means you need a supportive shoe to get you through those long shifts. Your shoes should be a priority, but they are often an afterthought, and discomfort can seem like a given.

Most Comfortable Men’s Nursing ShoesA significant number of nurses suffer from problems with their feet. These problems can cause massive amounts of discomfort and pain, and these conditions can often exacerbate other problems too. If you aren’t supporting your feet properly, you can end up with sore knees and a sore back, for example.

You can also exacerbate conditions and like flat feet or high arches, and increase the pain associated with them. Making sure you are wearing proper shoes will help you stay comfortable for longer, by providing you with the support you need, in the right places.

What to look for in male nurse shoes

There are a few things that make a good nurses shoe, and you should be looking for these when you are buying shoes as a nurse. You will be looking for a lightweight shoe, which is easy to move around in.

The heavier your shoes are, the more effort you have to put in to transport them around on your feet. You need a comfortable shoe, which allows you to stay on your feet for your entire shift, without you reaching the point of unbearable pain. You will also be looking for supportive shoes, which support both your foot and your ankle, and provide stability at the same time.

male nurse shoesYou will want a functional shoe, which allows you to do your job without worrying about things like spills. You don’t want to be concerning yourself with whether your shoes are going to protect your feet when you are in the middle of a situation.

Slip-resistant shoes are always best, and something that covers as much of your foot as possible. And, importantly, you want the best value you can get for your money. A shoe which gives you the best quality, for the best price. So, now you know what you are looking for, let’s have a look at what options there are.

Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe

These shoes are some of the best nursing shoes for men. They are made from leather (making them water resistant) Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoeand they have a rubber sole. The sole is non-slip, helping you avoid any accidents in the workplace, and they can also be easily wiped clean.

They have a side gore, enabling you to slip them on, due to the stretch easily. They have a KEEN Cush memory foam footbed, which helps provide comfort to your foot, but molding to the shape of your foot and supporting you.
They are reasonably highly priced in comparison to some other options, but for this price, you are getting a good quality leather shoe, rather than a synthetic material. They are one of the more expensive options, and they don’t come in multiple colors, they only come in black. The leather is a breathable material so you will be afforded much better breathability with these shoes than any synthetic option.

As they are slip on, you may find that the elastic sections weaken over time, and may start to come apart from the shoe. They are hailed as being some of the most comfortable options out there, but some may balk at a price. You need to ensure these shoes are right for you before you shell out for them.

Standing Comfort Men’s Explorer Slip-On

Standing Comfort Men’s Explorer Slip-OnThese shoes are made from leather, making them both breathable and durable. Being made from leather also means they are water-resistant, so protect your feet from spills. They are rubber soled, which allows them to be both comfortable underfoot and practical at the same time.

These men’s nurse shoes sport an extra firm heel stabilizer, promoting stability and support, helping to keep you on your feet in comfort. A steel shank helps to add additional support in the arch area of the shoe and keeps your foot well supported as a result.

The side-stretch gore helps you to slip these shoes on and off quickly. The Grip-Lock sole is non-slip, providing you extra protection against slips and falls. They also come with an insole which is anti-microbial, keeping your feet fresh and dry while you wear your shoe.

These insoles are removable so you can wear your own insoles with these shoes if you wish. They also have padded sections in the heel and forefoot, helping to keep you comfortable for even longer, making these some of the most comfortable shoes for nursing. They are lower in price than the Keen’s, and they are similar looking. They might be a workable option for you if the others are a bit too expensive.

K-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

These nurse shoes for men are in the style of a tennis shoe and are a good option if you are after men’s white nurseK-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe shoes. They have a rubber sole, affording additional grip and protection against slips.

The solid rubber outsole is durable and gives you excellent traction, helping to make walking in them easier. The leather uppers are naturally breathable and water-resistant, protecting your feet and helping to keep them cool and fresh.

They have a reinforced toe, which helps to protect one of the areas which get the most wear in a shoe. Reinforced toes help your shoes to last longer and make them feel more protective and sturdy while you are wearing them.

They have a plush tongue and collar, meaning they shouldn’t dig in and you should feel comfortable wearing them all day. They sport a molded foam insole, which supports your foot while in the shoe. They also have a K-EVA midsole, which absorbs shock well and helps fight fatigued feet.

These men’s nursing shoes provide excellent support, without being overly stiff or forcing you to give up comfort.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Leathertex Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Leathertex Slip-On Walking ShoeThese Skechers are not just good nursing shoes, but they are some of the most comfortable nursing shoes for men. They are made from fully synthetic or manmade material, so they are not breathable in the same way that leather shoes are.

Socks will be a must with these shoes if you want to avoid the dreaded sweaty feet! Often, being “leather effect,” instead of leather can mean they don’t last quite as long or as well. But, these shoes aren’t expensive like leather options can be so they might be a viable option if cost is a standout point for you.

These shoes are slip-on, allowing you to get them on and off quickly and easily. They feature a Goga mat insole and high-rebound for extra comfort and support. They are water-resistant, meaning they protect your feet from spills well.

The sole is synthetic and offers good grip, meaning you are safe and steady on your feet. As they are slip-ons, someSlip-resistant nursing shoes who have purchased these have found them a little on the tight side. It may be worth considering going up a size if you experience this problem with slip-on shoes. They get excellent reviews online, and people rave about how comfortable they are.

They are an excellent practical shoe for nursing, and if they are the right shoes for you, they will help to keep you on your feet all day in comfort.

Choosing the right shoe for you can be a difficult task. Good shoes are an investment, and when you are going to be wearing them week in week out, you want to ensure they give you everything you need. You already have your work cut out for you as a nurse, you don’t need your shoes to be making your job harder.

Comfort is of paramount importance, and whichever shoe you select, you should ensure it provides you comfort for your whole shift. There is a range of options on this list of more, or less expensive shoes, but they are all designed with comfort in mind. Once you have deciphered precisely what you are looking for, your decision will be much easier.