Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe Review

Merrell Moab Ventilator hiking shoes are made for hikers and bikers who need sturdy fits, to suit their rugged adventures. No matter what your hiking experience level is, you need a pair of hiking shoes that are long lasting.

Even though finding a pair that lasts for decades is not possible, you will find satisfaction with the special Merrell Moab design. The shoes are fully equipped to handle any routine task from jogging to simple walking.

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Get to know more about the details that involve the use of these Ventilator hiking shoes.

The Pros

Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking ShoeThere are quite a few good qualities that come with using Merrell Moab Ventilator shoes. The mesh and leather materials are combined to provide you with the best protection.

The M-select odor prevention components reduce the negative effects of collecting too much moisture. With leather, the water just runs off the exterior and settles anywhere, but your feet.

The moisture-wicking liner is there to prevent moisture from damaging the interior. The mesh gives a certain amount of breathability to the feet trapped inside of the shoes.

For buyers who are tired of black, these shoes come in a range of natural colors like brown, gray, tan and black. These colors make it easy to blend into a forest or other natural setting.

If you are worried about slips and falls, the Vibram® outsole contains a TC5+ rubber material that resists slippery surfaces. Just like truck tires with treads, these shoes have lugs that provide the best grip and traction on the ground.

All hikers need this strong grip if they want to climb the most rugged mountain and get back with their feet in one piece.

The Cons

Even though many people love the comfort and design of Merrell hiking shoes, there are a few downsides. Buying the wrong size is a common problem. A good solution they suggest is to buy one size up.

Even if some people wear the right size, they find that parts of the shoe have torn apart. In some shoes, there are holes that get larger and larger over time, and with increased wear.

The price could be a major factor, especially for people who are used to purchasing shoes around the $20-$50 mark. On, the costs for good ventilator shoes vary from $75 to $130.

However, this high cost usually comes with high quality, so consumers should not be too disappointed. The biggest concern is the wrong sizing made by the store and manufacturer, but that issue is easily fixable.

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Get through any hiking trip without worrying that your shoes will fall apart after a few uses.

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