What are the Best Nursing Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is the ligament which connects your toes and the bone in your heel together. This ligament supports the arch of your foot. If you strain his ligament, it can become weaker, it can swell and inflamed.

This condition will cause pain in the heel of your foot when you walk or stand on it. It may also cause pain in the plantar fasciitisbottom of your foot when you walk or stand. It is most common in middle-aged people and those who are on their feet a lot. It can occur on one or both of your feet.

Most people who have plantar fasciitis experience pain when they first stand after having been in bed or seated for a long time. This may ease off after you take a few steps, or your foot or feet may hurt more as your day continues.

The pain may increase if you are stood on your feet for a long time, or you climb up the stairs. If you are experiencing pain like this; visit the doctor.

If they suspect you have this condition, they will check your feet and watch you walking and standing. You will be asked questions about your level of activity and symptoms.

How does plantar fasciitis occur?

This condition is caused when you strain the ligament in your foot (plantar fascia). If you are straining the ligament repeatedly, this can cause tears in the ligament. These small tears are what leads to the pain and swelling you may experience with this condition.

Best Nursing Shoes for Plantar FasciitisThere are multiple things which can cause plantar fasciitis like if you have very high arches or very flat feet, or your feet roll inward when you are walking. Plantar fasciitis is common in those who walk, stand or run a lot, which is why it is seen in those in the nursing profession.

To relieve plantar fasciitis, you can rest your feet and reduce the amount of activity you are doing standing, walking or running. There are stretches you can do, and you can try a new pair of shoes. These shoes will need good arch support and a comfortable cushioned sole.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

Alegria Women’s Paloma FlatThese shoes come with a removable insole, so you insert custom insoles into your shoe. They are made from leather and naturally breathable, with built-in arch support.

They have been designed to fit the natural shape of your feet, helping to keep you comfortable. They are made to reduce the pressure on your heel, and the flat sole allows maximum contact with the floor to increase your stability.

They get great nurse shoes reviews online. However, some who have purchased these shoes have warned to purchase a size larger than you would usually wear.

Remember that these shoes are in the Mary Jane style, so do not cover your foot completely, and they are a great smarter option.

New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe

New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training ShoeThese shoes aren’t as smart as the Alegria’s and are in the style of a sneaker. These shoes are designed for athletes, and to give them the best comfort and fit possible. They are designed to fit and be comfortable, and because of the training shoe design, they cover your foot completely. They are some of the best nursing tennis shoes and some of the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis.

A huge amount of work and research has gone into making these shoes comfortable. They are supportive and stable, and they are also pretty light. Other shoes offering support like these can often be heavier and chunkier.

Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather ClogThese clogs are made from a squashy material, which helps to support your feet and provide comfort. As they are clogs, they are easy to slip on and off of your feet. The leather makes them breathable, and the contoured sole will keep you feeling comfortable.

They have great support for your arches, and the rocker bottom helps to absorb shock and walk for longer. They get excellent reviews; however, some recent reviews have complained of the soles cracking prematurely.

Depending on your needs, the perfect shoe will be out there for you. Whether you need something which looks smarter, if you are looking for something more like a tennis shoe, there are loads of options available to you.


Finding the perfect shoes for male nurses and female nurses can seem complicated. But, the three options above are some of the best shoes out there for nurses with plantar fasciitis.