Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boot Review

Salomon has been continually making a name for itself amongst hiking enthusiasts. Perhaps most of the hikers you encounter have something to say about their shoes.

The famous brand originated in 1947, in the centre of the French Alps, where modern alpinism was born. Francois Salomon and his son were zealously into skiing, and their drive for the sport motivated them to continually innovate modern ski equipment designs. For the following 60 years a wide range of concepts in ski equipment and apparel have been introduced in the market.

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The Quest 4D GTX is one of the best choices for skiing and hiking enthusiasts. It showcases the brand new revolution in hiking boots: a mid-weight boot that offers support and steadiness to hikers, ski fanatics, mountaineers and backpackers, without compromising comfort. And because it is designed and made with light-weight materials, backpackers are able to cover longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

Ultralight hiking or “fast-packing” is similarly enjoyable because of self-sufficiency among backpackers who use this modern creation. A 20-mile-a-day distance has been noted even among challenging paths and terrains.

The shoes are considered high-performing boots among its users; light-footed and acrobatic enough for running, and steady enough for walking through challenging terrains.

Its Contagrip sole provides very good resistance on surfaces, both on and off the trails. The 4D advanced chassis of these boots help in giving substantial bearing capacity, as well as balance in the torso of the user. Other excellent features include the ankle collar, which gives support and comfort while striding down difficult surfaces. These are also great shoes for women too.

Pros and Cons of this hiking boot

Salomon Quest 4D GTXComfort

These boots are evidence of Salomon’s competence in designing shoes for trail running; they simply feel great on the foot. Its design on the heel part is raised; which you would likely notice once you put the boots one.

It offers great functionality when running miles. The front part of the foot is spacious while the heel area up to the ankle bones are well cushioned. Over all, comfort is absolutely excellent.

Comfort is perhaps on top of the list among hikers searching for the perfect pair of boots, and these boots simply have that to offer.


With the incorporation of a 4D advanced chassis, stability is one of its qualities. These boots garnered a top score for stability in reviews.

Fast-paced walks, runs or even jumping on rough or muddy surfaces is made easy, thanks also to the tallest ankle collar of these boots. The sole and the front area of the feet have the perfect width measurements, which similarly contributes to the boots’ excellent stability.

And because of its wide forefoot area as well, the ankle collar bone and torsional steadiness are also strong characteristics.


These boots have been tested on muddy surfaces, steep terrains and even slushy snow surfaces, and have incessantly rose above every occasion. Because it has the Contagrip sole, striding through the seemingly impossible terrains is now feasibly easier.

It has also been awarded highest scores and reviews for excellent traction which surely encouraged buyers to get their hands on these boots.


It is made of light-weight materials, which makes fast-packing more fun among enthusiasts. However, because of its higher ankle collar, a few more weights have been added to the totality of the footwear – something that some of the buyers find unappealing.

Still, with the stability and good traction capabilities of the boots, I think the added extra weight is worth it.


Salomon Quest 4D GTX

This surely sounds like the kind of hiking boots we would love!


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