What are the Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet

What are flat feet?

Flat feet, or fallen arches, occur when the tendons in your feet aren’t working correctly. When these tendons are flat feetworking properly, your foot will have an arch (a curve upwards in the middle of your foot). If the tendons are not working properly, there will be no arch or a tiny arch.

Flat feet can be caused by a variety of things. It can be something which you are born with, or it can be down to torn or stretched tendons in your foot.

It could also be because of broken bones, specific health conditions or nerve damage. Some things increase the risk of you having flat feet. These are; pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, and aging.

How do I know if I have flat feet?

Many people won’t experience any discomfort or problems from having flat feet. But some may feel their feet tire quickly, or that their feet are painful in the arch or the heel.

Best Nursing Shoes for Flat FeetThe arch area may become swollen, and you might find that specific actions, like standing on your toes, is painful or difficult. If you have any of these symptoms, you should take a trip to the doctor.

Your doctor will take a look at you to see if you have flat feet, and if so, what the cause of your flat feet is. They may spend time watching you stand and move around on your feet and testing the strength of the muscles and tendons in your feet and legs.

Flat feet can be treated with rest, exercises and wearing shoes designed to help relieve discomfort associated with the condition. If you are wondering what are the best sneakers for flat feet? Then take a look at the list of good options below, the best shoes for flat feet.

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

These clogs are perfect for both women’s and men’s nursing shoes. These clogs are specifically designed for thoseCrocs Unisex Bistro Clog who spend all day on their feet. They have a non-slip tread and are made with the Croslite material, which forms to the foot, making for a comfortable custom fit.

They do not have any ventilation holes, so they are not hugely breathable. They are known to be able to provide comfort all day, with no aches and pains resulting after a day on your feet.

They support the soles of your feet well and are a great option for nursing shoes if you have flat feet. The non-slip bottoms don’t last forever, and they will need replacing for that reason before the shoe wears out.

They are large shoes so they will accommodate a wider foot. There have been reports of them shrinking in the sun, so it is best to store them out of the way of direct sunlight.

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Touch Breeze

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Touch BreezeThese shoes have a Merrell air cushion in the heel area, which works as a shock absorber and helps to add stability. The shoe provides good cushioning for the foot so you can stay comfortable during a long day on your feet.

The soles are grippy, and they support the arch of your foot well, making them good nurses shoes for those with flat feet. They are easy to slip on and off, and the elastic providing the stretch is thick and durable, preventing stretch. They are light and durable and will withstand frequent use.

The reviews for these online aren’t quite as good as the Crocs Bistro Clogs, but they are still up there as one of the best options for a nurse with flat feet looking for additional support and comfort.

Sketchers Shape Ups

These Sketchers get excellent reviews and are brilliant nursing shoes for flat feet. They are made of leather, so theySkechers Women's Shape Ups Metabolize Fitness Work Out Sneaker breathe well, and they have a thick, shock absorbing sole. The lining is padded for extra comfort, and they offer excellent arch support.

Reviewers are raving about pain-free walking which they haven’t experienced in years. If you have a lot of pain in your feet when you are walking, these are well worth a try. The rocker sole cushions your foot as you walk and maintains a good contact with the floor, easing the impact on your foot as you walk.

The Crocs are a great cheaper option for anyone who suffers from flat feet. Whereas the Sketchers, which is more expensive, get rave reviews. Whichever option you go for, each of these are great for relieving pain experienced by those with fallen arches.