The Best Insoles for Work Boots

You may have noticed how it’s usually your boots’ insoles that deteriorate the quickest. Lots of people go through multiple pairs of boot inserts each year – which is quite peculiar given how the insoles are never exposed to elements, being present inside your shoes!

Best Insoles for Work BootsThe right kind of insole for your boot will make your work day a lot better, enhancing the comfort and support your work boots provide. Once you’ve tried out and found the right insoles for you, you won’t be able to deny the difference they make.

If you have gone and purchased a high-end pair of work boots, why not go the whole way and get a decent pair of insoles to complement their features?

There are lots of choices where insoles are concerned, but choosing the best one for your work boots requires some thinking. Fortunately, we’re going to make the job a lot easier for you!

Why do you need insoles?

Honestly speaking, if your day consists of long hours of working on hard surfaces, or if you only want a comfortable work experience, get a pair of the best boot insoles to combat the fatigue and injury associated with tough industrial jobs.

Comfort insolesHaving the best insoles for standing all day means that you can bid blisters and sweaty feet adios, and you’ll also feel less sore/fatigued after the work day. Moreover, the most comfortable insoles are designed to absorb shock which is especially useful for those who work on concrete.

As time goes on, your work boots may lose some of their cushioning, stabilizing and shock absorbing properties. If you continue to use them like that, they will begin to affect your feet, joints, and legs, and cause you stress, that could eventually lead to injury, as well as a greater chance of feeling sore and tired.

With a pair of high-quality insoles, you can compensate for your work boot’s deterioration, so you’re able to go on with business as usual. The insoles will also make your feet fit better in your boots and enhance their overall comfort factor.

Do they work?

Contrary to what some ‘experts’ would have you believe aftermarket work boot insoles do enhance the experience you have with your shoes. Of course, you can keep on using the insoles which came with your work boots, but generally, you’ll discover that they are little more than cheap fillers.

insole for your bootIf you go through the fine print, you may even find that the manufacturer of your work boot encourages you to get custom steel toe inserts, etc. for your work boots to improve the support and comfort they have to offer!

We’re not trying to imply that every work boot out there comes with low-end insoles. Indeed, some high-end manufacturers incorporate insoles as an integral part of their shoe design.

If you feel that your work boots are fine without any custom insole, and you don’t experience any soreness or tiredness at work, then there isn’t any need to get a new pair of insoles – as the saying goes, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

However, you should know that in most cases, the right pair of insoles will considerably improve the safety, stability, and comfort of your work boots. Think of it this way, you are in your work boots longer than you are in bed, but you don’t sleep on a low end, super cheap mattress do you?

If you like, try on standard insoles for a week, then replace them with a pair of better ones – we guarantee that you won’t disagree with what we’re saying!

Types of insoles

  • Comfort insoles: These insoles are used for enhancing the comfort factor of your shoes. Go for the best foam or Timberland PRO Men’s Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insolebest gel insoles if your only concern is comfort at the workplace, but remember that you won’t get much stability out of them. They are relaxing like pillows, but won’t provide support when the going gets tough!
  • Support insoles: These are made out of stouter material that gives both support and stability in addition to comfort. As a bonus tip, if you’re an industrial worker with a pair of steel safety toe shoes that you find uncomfortable, try using steel toe inserts for shoes to gain even more stability and comfort!
  • Custom orthotics: These insoles get a bit more technical – designed by podiatrists, they cater to the needs of those suffering from chronic foot problems such as fallen arches and flat feet.

To help you get started, here are a couple of aftermarket insoles – the Timberland PRO Men’s Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole and the Red Wing Insoles Orthotic Custom Comfort Moldable Footbed. Go for the Timberlands if you want high-end support, stability and comfort – but if you aren’t sure about whether you want to use custom insoles or not, give the Red Wing Boot Insoles a trial run.